Easter & OOTD

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Hi Everybody! Happy Easter! Hope you guys have had a great day! I love Easter because the weather is warm (p.s. I sat in the sun for half the day and I’m pretty sure I’m sun burnt, grrr), family comes together, the food is fresh and delicious, I feel productive, and LENT IS OVER! I forgot to give anything up this year, whoops. I was able to refresh my playlists and music, clean a lot of the house, I still need to put out some Easter decorations, but I’ll get to that soon. Yeah, we forget to put out Easter decorations (pretty much any holiday decorations) until right before the family comes over, but Easter decorations can last for a while after because spring, right? With all the busy schedules and stress, this is a nice day to relax and be happy, or should i say HOPPY. I’ll leave now.

Dress- TORI
Shoes- Charlotte Russe
Clutch- H&M
Sweater and Necklace- Forever 21


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