Galena Trip

Galena 1

Hi everyone! So a couple weekends ago a couple of friends and I went down to Galena IL for a couple of days. We were looking for a fun thing to do and I suggested Galena. Galena is a very cute little town, pretty much a tourist town, with a great historic downtown. It was an amazing time and I suggest it to anyone looking for a relaxing vacation with little “big town” distractions.

So we drove down there on a Saturday and checked into our hotel. After we got settled we went into the downtown and had dinner at a burger restaurant. After dinner we walked around the downtown a bit, but most of the stores closed around 6. We went back to the hotel, and then I fell asleep around 9 (Hey, it was a lot of driving for me that day, that’s tiring work ya know). My friends went down to the pool however and saw that the hotel was hosting the town’s prom that night. Imagine them all dressed up and nice looking and then my friends in their swimsuits soaking wet. Yup, I’m sure they liked that. haha.

The next day one of my friends had to leave early for work, but the rest of us had breakfast at the hotel, checked-out, and went into town. It was a bit dreary and rainy at the start of the day so I was unable to get a lot of good photos. We walked around downtown for a while, shopped a bit, and when to an amazing pizza place, Cannova’s I think it is called, and had delicious BBQ Chicken pizza (to die for). We went to a store where we could make our own candles, an old fashioned candy store, an old fashioned ice cream shop, and a couple of toy stores. One with a lot of cool puzzles and toys, including moldable sand that I got for my boyfriend for his prom gift (shh don’t tell him!) and the other where we played with toy race cars.

As we left we drove around the gigantic hills (that was terrifying) where I was able to get a good photo of an overview of the town. because the weather finally cleared up (of course, just as we are leaving) which is the bottom photo in my collage. We then found a cool waterfall (top left photo) which would’ve been cool to swim in if 1) it was warm out 2) the government allowed it. That government, always getting in the way.

As I was unable to get many photos of the downtown area, I found two so you guys could see what it was like. I  found one of the Main street by Robert Keeling. I found another of the Galena river that runs right by the downtown by Ivo Shandor.

All in all it was a very fun trip where I was able to bond with my friends and make memories. With trips like these I don’t think it matters where you go, just who you’re with and the experiences you take away from them. You know what they say, “Focus on the journey, not the destination” -Greg Anderson

‘Till next week 🙂 Bye!




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