College Decisions

Hi everybody! So today I am going to be talking about my college decision and the difficulties that came with it. I know, first world problems. So I have decided to attend Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri. This may be a long post. 🙂



So I made this decision about 2 days before May 1st, which is the national college acceptance deadline. The reason it was so late is because up until 4 weeks before the deadline, I thought I was going to Indiana University. But sadly, I did not receive as much scholarship money from them as I had hoped. Also, they required four years of high school math prior to allow me entrance, that would mean taking a course at my community college over the summer. The dates for that were exactly the same as my work schedule, so I would go to work from 8 to 3 and then to class from 7 to 9. No thank you. So 4 weeks before the deadline I had a little bit of a panic attack because I had no idea where to go. I had gotten accepted to Ohio State, Mizzou, Illinois State, Illinois Wesleyan, University of Arizona, Indiana University, and Saint Louis University. The next weekend we went and visited SLU and Mizzou.

What I liked about SLU is that it is in a city, so it will be less like “college”. You see, some people go to college sort of for a “college” experience, parties, football games, sororities and fraternities, that sort of thing. I personally am not all that interested in that, so a college that has more of a actual life setting interested me. I want to start my life, not another buffer state. I totally understand why some people would want the college experience, for everyone is different, but I’m excited to start my life. Just call me Rapunzel (#TangledObsessed). I also liked that it will be warmer than my chilly Chicago-land life. I am not however so impressed with the dorms that were shown on tour. Not a fan of curved edges to walls and really not interested in community bathrooms. Another issue is that SLU does not have a whole lot of courses that fit what I want. I am currently undecided, but I do what to do something in the communications/ film production area. They do however seem to have an amazing study aboard program, which I am very very very interested in. They even have a sister school in Madrid, Spain. Yes please.

For a while I was quite scared of what college will be like. I’m sort of introverted, so the idea of roommates is intimidating. Like what happens when I catch a cold, they will be disgusted by me. Or the fact that I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I guess I should invest in a good pair of headphones. But I guess I’ll have to get over these fears, unless I am blessed enough to be assigned a single room. Another issue is Saint Louis is that it is quite small, around 12,000 I believe. They said the average class size is around 25 students. That sounds dreadfully similar to high school. Ugh. That would be terrible.

I may sound quite unhappy with my decision, but I’m not. However, I do not see SLU as entirely permanent. Before I accepted Saint Louis I had looked into the possibility of being a spring admit to either University of California: Berkeley or Southern California University. They did not have any openings, but I may be able to apply next fall as a transfer. You see, back last fall when I applied to schools, I had no idea what I wanted out of college. I didn’t know what I wanted to major in, what type of school I wanted, I didn’t know anything. So I applied to a few schools near me. Now I know what I want and sadly none of the schools I applied to fit what I want. Saint Louis was the closest.

Saint Louis is a Catholic school. I have been in Catholic education my entire life, and I did not want that any more, but alas, one must pick their battles. I’m not too religious myself. I’m not a fan of organized religion, but I like to believe I have some sort of moral compass, whether that is God or not, I don’t know. But I’m not here today to discuss religion. Also, one last thing about Saint Louis. Their mascot, the Billiken, is UGLY. I mean look at it, just hideous.

So here I am today, two weeks before I am done with high school, and I am going to college. Lots of mixed emotions: excitement, nervousness, fear, happiness, relief. I’m every emotion and its opposite it seems. Well, I’ll talk to you guys next week. Thank you and goodbye! 🙂 ❤