Huge Summer Haul! (Urban Outfitters, H&M, Charlotte Russe, etc)

Hi guys, so it has been a while since I last posted, but I recently went shopping. So here I am to show you what I got! I went to Urban Outfitters, Wet Seal, Aeropostale, Charlottle Russe, Delia’s, and H&M.



So I only got one thing at Urban this time. I got this super cute high-waisted shorts with a lace detail at the end. They were on sale for $10. Amazing right? My friend got a dress for $5, thats pretty dang cheap for Urban, and I loved it.



I got a nice flow-y skirt with a navy and white polka-dot design from CR this time. It was on sale for around $10. I also got a pair of mint colored sunglasses for $6 because my sunnies from there that were coral had broken. CR will be the death of me I swear, I have spent so much money there over the past year, they have amazing shoes, okay?



Aero sale! Seriously, most of their stuff was low priced. It might have something to do with a re-vamp I think they are doing. So I got pineapple shorts on sale for $10 from the Bethany Mota collection. I also got both the black skirt and the black aztec print skirt on sale for $10 each. The ruck-sack was $15. I got the backpack because I really wanted an army green ruck-sack and this was low prices and had some cute detailing on it, love it!



Wet Seal had a shorts sale! they had all their shorts 40% off so I got both pairs for $10 each. I have been really into flow-y shorts lately because they don’t squeeze and are light and airy. They also had a sale for 2 belts for $10, which I took up because my white belt had just broke, so I got a white and brown belt.



H&M is just great, okay? And at this point I realized I hadn’t bought any tops, and I needed them, haha. The tank tops were 2 for $10, so I got four. They are black, neon pink, navy blue, and white. I’m not the kind of person who pays $20 for a shirt, and I think H&M understands that, so does Forever 21, which reminds me, I need to get to that store soon. Anyways, then I got a cropped sweater with a black flower design on sale for $10 (why is everything I bought $10?? haha, not complaining). I also got an open black sweater for $12 (WOAH) because I needed something to wear when it gets a little chilly on these summer nights.



Last, but not least, Delia’s. Again, sale. The lighter blue dress, which looks like denim, was on sale for half-off for, you guessed it, $10. The shorts were also half-off for $10, and I’m in love with them, I’m thinking of going back and getting the different designs. The darker blue dress with a bird design was sadly not on sale, so i got it for $35, but fret not, there was a BOGO sale, so I was able to get the tie-die for, dun dun dun, $10. 

So is all the shopping I have done recently. Yeah its a lot, but I was sort of looking for a wardrobe re-vamp, seeing as I’m going to college soon and I have been wearing uniforms for school for the past 14 years. There is still more to be done however! haha. I love shopping man. ‘Til next time! 😉