Raku Pottery

Hello! How are you? So the other day in my pottery class we had someone come and help us with Raku firing. Raku firing is a special kind of firing that makes the glaze have cool results that would differ from firing in a normal kiln. (P.S. do you pronounce kiln KILL or KILNE?) My three pots are above, the first one has a dream catcher design, the ¬†actual dream catcher design with the strings and feathers had a blue glaze applied to them and they turned a copper like color, the background was glazed white and turned white with areas of darker off white. The second pot I threw together within two classes, but it didn’t turn out too badly, minus the dumb swirl applique. I glazed the background a red crackle, the result was a coral-like color, minimal crackle effects. I glazed the designed portion a blue color (same as the dream catcher) and the top of the glaze kept a blue-green color, and the bottom turned a copper color. My third pot had a tree design on the other side, but I didn’t like how that turned out. I glazed it all a blue-bell glaze and half of it turned out a copper color and the other half turned out a dark blue like color. These pots were made with specialized clay and glaze provided to us by the person who helped us with the firing. Below are some pictures of the process.

The pots first go into a modified garbage and reach extremely high temperatures (I can’t remember the numbers) for around 20 minutes. They are then taken out and put into another garbage can with either saw dust or leaves and sticks to cool down slightly for around 15 minutes. After that they are placed in a pool of water for their final cool down. Then you can clean them of smut and the saw dust left overs.
This process was a really cool change from the normal pottery process. It was exciting/scary to not know what the result would look like. I have done this before, but sadly my pot has been lost since then and I didn’t take any pictures, but I liked these results better. I can’t wait until I’m able to take them home, though I am clueless to how I will use them. How would you use pots like these in your home or office? Talk to you guys later! Bye!